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Great New Places!

Susan Unthank's Blog -- Susan always has something great to say.

Sogospellovers -- I know the message board is not too new, but the main site is and the message board is worth looking into. In fact John Crenshaw's Southern Gospel History and Trivia is worth the trip alone!

David Bruce Murray's Blog -- Again, not new but with a new twist. Good place for group/individual histories in information.

Gold City's Updated Website is awesome! Check out the "audio blog"! One thing I think would be great for this (and all) audio blogs is a way to view the text of the audio for those of us who prefer to read!

Southern Spin Radio -- Thanks Chris for bringing this one up! Like I said in the comments, there is a definite shortage of good SG radio to listen to so give SSR a try. By looking at their "spins" alone, you can see they are playing some first class music!

If there are other places that need mentioning, let me know!

Lack of Interest?

It seems there is not going to be enough interest in a "Southern Gospel Bloggers Awards". I've gotten replies from John Lanier (very positive), Mr. GospelCommentary (positive), and Chris Unthank (negative, I think).

Perhaps it is a little too early for this idea to take off right now. If I'm conceding defeat too soon, let me know. I'd really like to hear from some of the more frequent bloggers (besides John and GC) like Amy Marie, Susan, Avery, etc. If this thing was/is to have any meaning, we need a large participation from the bloggers.

Keep any comments coming...


SG Bloggers Unite

I have had this idea. It is probably a stupid idea, so I would like to hear what all the other SG bloggers (and reader alike) think about it.

The Southern Gospel Bloggers Awards.

Maybe there are already too many awards out there for SG. I know Avery has mentioned giving awards on his site. But we could get all the "regular" bloggers together (cyber together) , come up with a list of categories, have the bloggers nominate a top 5, and then let the reading public vote. I think the blogger list at SGBlogNews would be a good place to start anyway...

This set of awards would have a diverse set of people doing the nominating, don't you think? I also think it would be nice to get all of us bloggers going in the same direction for a change. Maybe it would start an era of understanding and cooperation! Or maybe it's just a stupid idea?

Anyway, everyone let me know what you think!


Me Blog SG

Some people have been wondering why I chose this name for my blog.

I guess at a glance it seems sort of pre-school sounding! LOL.

However, I did put a little more thought into it than that...

When I look at it, I see a couple of different meanings and I will try to explain them for anyone interested.

First, the pre-school interpretation: It is an entirely valid interpretation because that is one reason I chose the name. Some children develop the habit of using the subject "me" instead of the correct "I". So with this in mind, the blog could be read as I Blog SG, where I is the subject, Blog is used as a verb (as in writing a blog is "to blog"), and SG is the direct object (what is being blogged). The reason I wanted the title to sound somewhat juvenile was so that no one would take me too seriously or think I was taking myself too seriously.

Another meaning to my blog title is just as silly I guess, but it is just how I think. I've always enjoyed the Scottish/*Dwarvish way of phrasing things. In this instance the use of "me" instead of "my". Also, the switching places of the adjective and noun so that the adjective is last. So, doing these two things you could read my blog title as: My SG Blog (or My Southern Gospel Blog).

I'm sure most don't care, but those are the thoughts that went thru my mind as I chose my Blog title. :D

*Dwarvish in the Tolkien/fantasy sense.


In the News

It looks like Roger Bennett may be getting close to being released! This is truly great news! Our continued prayers are with Roger and his family.

The Crabb family has signed a management agreement with Creative Trust, Inc. I hope this is a good arrangement for the Crabbs. This group is probably best known for managing the contemporary artist, Stephen Curtis Chapman. It does make one wonder what effect this might have on the Crabbs music and the direction of their careers. I hope and pray only the best for them!

The wonderful Ann Downing has a new blog. Everyone should go by and say hi to Ann. I'm sure she will have some interesting things to share.

The Queen of Southern Gospel on the Internet, Susan Unthank, has started a new blog as well! So if you can't get enough of Susan (like me) through her many other endeavors, check out what she has to say in her blog. It will doubtless be informative and entertaining.