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Ch Ch Ch Changes

Well, it seems when it rains it pours, in this industry. Here is a roundup of the latest rumors, etc.

Tony Peace is leaving the Kingsmen? Wow, I hate to hear that. Tony is a great baritone and a very good MC, I'm afraid this might be a big step backward for The Kingsmen. On the positive side though, the rumor is that Bryan Hutson is going to return to the Kingsmen after a several year hiatus (from the Kmen, he has been singing with The Blackwoods). Bryan is a great lead singer and should give the Kmen some of that old swagger and sound back. However, what does that mean for the line-up? Tony was a baritone and while I'm sure Bryan could sing baritone, I think he would be MUCH better on lead. Perhaps that means Phillip Hughes is going to move to baritone? I guess we will see. One other thing about this switcharoo... who is the new MC? That one will be hard to figure. Ray back at MC, I doubt it. Perhaps Phillip? Again, I doubt it but perhaps? How about Bryan? That seems the most likely scenario at this point.

Gene McDonald leaving the Florida Boys? I really hope this rumor is false. He is the perfect bass singer for the FB's. He also really seemed to get along and admire the men singing around him. I look forward to hearing from him on this potential change.

Keith Plott to leave Assurance? Well, I guess with 2 bass singers perhaps moving around at the same time, the rumors about one or the other of them changing groups is inevitable. I really do hope both men stay in the business for they are both great singers.

If you know more or want to comment, feel free!