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This Groups Best ... Gaither Vocal Band

The Gaither Vocal Band has actually had pretty good stability over the years. They perhaps are not considered Southern Gospel for part or all of their history. However, for the sake of what I'm doing, I believe that most of their history qualifies.

Very difficult group to do because they really have some of the best vocalists ever to sing with this group.

For the bass part, the only choice I see is Bill Gaither. Perhaps he's not the greatest bass singer ever, but he does a more than adequate job and it is his group, so he's the bass.

For the baritone, there are many wonderful choices, it is very difficult to choose, but I would have to go with Russ Taff. A legend in his own right, he could sing the baritone part flawlessly. Perhaps not the greatest of soloists (not bad though), but a great member of the GVB.

The tenor. Well, to me this is a no brainer. The only one even close to David Phelps is Terry Franklin, but honestly David is way out in front.

The lead singer for the all-time GVB is Michael English. Guy Penrod is 1B, but Mike is one the best known, highest quality singers ever in SG music. Has to be Mike.

So here is your Vocal Band:

Lead: Michael English
Baritone: Russ Taff
Tenor: David Phelps
Bass: Bill Gaither

Piano would have to be Anthony Burger.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My choice for Baritone would have to be Gary Mcspadden.

Perhaps a 1B at the tennor spot whould be Larnelle Harris.

Best best Southern Gospel style group Bill ever put together was as follows.

Lead: Micheal English
Baritone: Gary Mcspadden
Tenor: Larnelle Harris
Bass: Bill Gaither

These guys had the best blend of any group he's ever had. IMO

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