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Where are they now? Vol. I

I'm an old-fashioned guy and I enjoy looking back at groups from yesteryear. One of the things I think about when I'm doing this is where are these folks now and what are they doing and why are so many of them seemingly not in SG anymore. Here are a few names that I would like to know more about and be able to hear again, if they were still singing:

David Hill. During his brief stint with Gold City, I thought he was incredible and had the best rendition of Midnight Cry that I've ever heard. He moved around a lot, but I haven't heard anything from him recently. Have you?

Dale Shipley. Back in the glory days of Perfect Heart, Dale was belting out lead lines like no one else. I miss those Perfect Heart days and I miss Dale's awesome voice. All I've heard is that he was in Memphis and perhaps a music minister? What do you know?

Jerry Thompson. I loved his voice with The Nelons. I know he's been with some other groups since then, like maybe one of the Blackwood Quartets. What's he doing these days?

Who are some SG artists that you would like to find again? Maybe I or another reader could help!


Blogger Jim said...

David Hill is in Summerville, SC and has a group called David Hill Trio. Their website is at His wife, Amanda, who is part of the group works at the same company I do.

7:37 PM  
Blogger Southern Gospel Perspective said...

Very cool! Thanks Jim!

7:19 PM  

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