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This Groups Best ... The Stamps

Like several groups that have been / will be on these lists, The Stamps have some choices that are completely obvious. I'll readily admit here that I am a huge Stamps fan and a huge JD Sumner fan.

So, to get the most obvious out of the way, JD Sumner would be the bass singer (duh). JD was rightfully known for his low notes (he was once in the Guinness Book for lowest bass note sung), but JD was also a very good vocalist. Especially during his prime, his range was phenomenal and he could take a lead as well as nearly any bass in SG history.

At the other end of the stage, the choices are more plentiful. Tenor singers such as Jerry Trammell, Steve Warren, Rick Strickland, and Bill Baize have passed thru The Stamps. I've enjoyed every one and that too is a credit to JD's skills as a group manager. The best to me has been Steve Warren. Steve has a unique voice and exceptional range. His on-again, off-again relationship with the group aside, he is as one of the best tenor singers in the history of SG.

The baritone is another easy choice. Ed Hill is a living legend and still a fine singer. In his JD & The Stamps days, he was simply phenomenal. Ed was under-appreciated and still is, but when it comes to blending baritones, there have been few better.

Piano is another position that has several great choices. CJ Almgren was there for several years and was a very good keyboardist. He would be my choice as their piano player.

Lead singer. I'm a big fan of Ed Enoch. I think his voice is so identifiable and he sings with power and clarity. He is probably the lead that most people would identify with The Stamps as he was JD's son-in-law and now carries on the Stamps name. My choice for lead with The Stamps, however, is Jack Toney. I'll make a bold statement here and even state that Jack may be the best lead singer to ever grace an SG stage. He has sort of shadowed Jake Hess his entire career (followed him with the Statesmen and The Masters V), but really my personal opinion is that Jack was a little better than Jake. Jack Toney's voice was like gold and he is deservedly a legend in Southern Gospel music.

Here they are, The Stamps:

Bass: JD Sumner
Baritone: Ed Hill
Lead: Jack Toney
Tenor: Steve Warren
Keyboard: CJ Almgren

What do you think? Do you even remember The Stamps?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The best Stamps in my opinion hardly even featured JD, but they were TOUGH and had a power-packed lineup. Bill Baize, Donnie Sumner, Ed Enoch, Richard Sterban, and Nick Bruno.

2:06 PM  
Anonymous Paul Jackson said...

Ed Hill is a Southern Gospel Treasure. Few like him still alive. It is an awesome priviledge to stand on a stage or in a studio and sing with him. Amen!

Paul Jackson / The Prophets Qt

2:12 AM  
Blogger Southern Gospel Perspective said...

Thanks for reading and commenting Paul!

I agree 100% about Mr. Ed Hill.

11:41 AM  
Blogger ClassicTracksAudio said...

The group of the 60's with Jim Hill as tenor was one of the best ever. IMO Jim Hill is far and away the best tenor that the Stamps had.

6:32 PM  

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