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Tomorrow's All-Star Quartet

Who are the singers who are making the biggest movement upward in our industry? These may not be the best at their respective positions right now, but in a few years... watch out!

Bass - Aaron McCune

Aaron is a future star in this business. He is already right near the top, and with many bass singers aging (Gerald Williams, etc.), retiring (Tim Riley, etc.), or just plain quitting (Gene McDonald, etc.) he is moving up very fast indeed.

Baritone - Doug Anderson

The lone member of the Signature Sound Quartet on this list is without a doubt the greatest asset of that group. Not only is he a tremendous baritone, but he is great on lead as well. I've been on the DA bandwagon for a while now, but he really does just get better and better. He may not be the very best baritone right now (Mark Trammell is still singing, is he not), but Doug is THE baritone of the future.

Lead - This one is not quite as obvious to me. There are some tremendous lead singers in SG, but which one is going to be the all-star of tomorrow? Josh Garner is one I looked at very hard, but with TFB's retiring, I'm unsure of his next move. My choice is Bill Shivers. He is doing good things with BF&A and is really under-rated. With more exposure and name recognition, I think he may be labeled as the next great SG lead singer.

Tenor - Eric Phillips

This was another very difficult choice as their are lots of good up-and-coming young tenors out there. Others that were right on the cusp were Anthony Facello, Steve Ladd, Jerry Martin, etc. Eric just seems to me to have that something special that sets him up as the future great tenor. I have mentioned many times on here about how I keep expecting wonderful things from Mark Trammell's Trio and I do. When these things do happen, that is when I see Eric getting the huge amount of respect he deserves.

That's my list, how would yours differ?


Anonymous quartet-man said...

I too put Aaron as the future bass. He is already making several work hard.

Doug Anderson is a great baritone, but I might have to go with Daniel Riley. He too can sing lead, and probably has lower baritone notes as well and a good, full voice.

Lead? Harder to do. So is tenor.
I am not sure I can think of any newer people that I think are good enough as some from the past. I would have to see about that later. :)

10:32 PM  

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