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Florida Boys, Goodbye?

If so, it is truly a sad day in Southern Gospel history. The Florida Boys is a name that is synonymous with Southern Gospel, especially during the Gospel Singing Jubilee days. As others have said, I don't really blame them as there is not likely to be another FB's resurrection with the age of Les, Glenn and Darrell along with the recent exits of Harold Reed and Gene McDonald.

Glenn was one of the all-time great baritone singers and I count it a priveledge to have gotten to listen to him for many, many years.

I wonder what this means for Josh Garner who I consider one of the current best lead singers on the road. I would hate for this to push him out of the business.

If this is true, then good luck to all the Florida Boys in whatever the future holds.

Read another take over at Avery's.

Update: It looks to be true per a quote from Les Beasley at Daniel Mount's Site...


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