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This Groups Best ... Gold City

In an effort to blog more regularly, I've decided on a new "series" called This Groups Best. I've done a few series in the past and they seem to work well. My 12 Days of Christmas ones maybe being the most popular (a relative term, I assure you).

With This Groups Best, I plan on taking a long-time group and putting together what I consider to be the best at each position throughout that group's past. Not exactly original, I know, but it gives me something to post while waiting for big news and other things to comment on.

Today's group, as you can see from the title, is Gold City.

The one position that I guess is very obvious is the bass position. They've had 2 really good bass singers since Tim retired, but Tim Riley is synonymous with Gold City. On top of that, Tim is one of the best bass singers in our genre over the last 40 years.

At the other end of the stage, the choices are not as obvious and will certainly be more controversial. The best Gold City tenor though, is the one singing now, Steve Ladd. I never would have thought I'd say it because I'm a big Jay Parrack fan, but Steve really is that good. The one tenor I can't evaluate properly is Bob Oliver since I never heard him with GC.

My choice at lead will surely dismay some people as well. My personal favorite is Jonathan Wilburn, but I think the best lead singer they've ever had is David Hill. His performance on "I'm Not Giving Up" on the "Standing in the Gap" CD is phenomenal. I also heard him perform "Midnight Cry" a few times in person and his version truly is unmatched. I wish David had stuck with some group more consistently, because I think talent-wise he could have been Hall of Fame material.

Piano player. Gold City has had some great ones, there is no doubt. I think you have to go back to Garry Jones. Not only was he a great musician for them, he was very important to their overall sound and success.

The baritone position was Mark Trammell's from the day he took the position. When you hire the best baritone in the business and he sticks around for 9 years, then he's probably going to go down as your best ever. They have had many good baritone singers and they they have a very good one now, but Mark is the best. In fact, if you read more of these in the future, you will probably see Mark's name again. That's how good he really is.

So, here they are:

Garry Jones
Tim Riley
Mark Trammell
David Hill
Steve Ladd

If you have an opinion, I'd like to read it. Also, be looking for future installments to come.


Blogger HillbillyDO said...

To make a list of Gold City's best you only need to include the classic line up of Ivan Parker, Brian Free, Mike Lefevere, and Tim Riley. There has never, or will never be any group, other than the Cathedrals that comes close to this group in their prime.

3:32 PM  

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