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Jason Waldroup leaves Greater Vision

In a newsletter from Greater Vision, Gerald is announcing that Jason is leaving the group after 13 years to pursue his education in Seminary.

I hate to hear of this as GV has a definite, identifiable sound and it will surely change somewhat.

More on this later.

Jason leaving Greater Vision is a big blow. With a trio especially, and with one whose sound is as unique as GV's, any one member seems to be more important. Gerald is obviously a great vocalist and Rodney is an excellent songwriter and singer, but Jason has really developed into a good tenor and completes their sound nicely.

It will be very interesting to see who they get to replace him. I would venture to guess that it will be a somewhat "unknown", but that is just a guess. It is hard to imagine any of today's popular tenor voices in that role. Chris Allman would obviously be good, but seems unlikely.

One tenor that would work very well, I think, would be Jerry Thompson. He's been out of the spotlight for a while now, but is just the type of vocalist who would fit in with Gerald and Rodney nicely.