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Head Shaking Time... Again

The SN Fan Awards top 5 nominees are out. Some of them, you just have to ask how? Don't say it, I know it is just "favorite", not "best".

Some of the glaring omissions:

Loren Harris - How can he be left off?
Josh Garner - I know there are only 5 nominees, but Josh is incredible.

Trecia Cisneros - I didn't expect her to make the cut (she should have), since she was apparently the last in...

The Booth Brothers! Anyone?... Hello?...

Danny Riley, Steve Ladd, Bill Lawrence? All three of these being left off is perhaps the biggest surprise of all. I know Steve and Bill are fairly new (to GC), but COME ON! Gold City basically "reloaded" at these positions and is STILL the best quartet on the road. Somebody slap me.

The Kingdom Heirs - a quartet that has only put out 2 of the best CD's in recent years. No quartet nomination and only Arthur (well deserved) for a part. Jeff Chapman is one of the 5 best Bass Singers right now, easily.

The Dove Brothers also. Wow, they won favorite quartet just a few years ago... No McCray, no David, no Jerry?

I won't name who these could (should) have replaced, but there is certainly room for them.



Here are some places I visit every day. Most of you are already familiar with them, but in case you are not check them out.



Southern Spin Radio
All Quartets Radio

These are the three on-line radio stations I switch between during the day. I love the programming on All Quartets, but wish they had a playlist display. SGLive365 is great. Sometimes I wish Chuck would play more "big time" groups, but I do like to give him feedback on what I like. Southern Spin is the new kid on the radio block, but they are fast becoming a favorite of mine. Their playlist is sometimes a little "edgy" for my taste, but for the most part I like 'em.

One thing I wish they all had was not only what had just been played but also what was coming up.

Message Boards and Blogs:

Gospel Commentary

These are all good in their own ways. They certainly provide great contrast even within our "little" genre.


Singing News

Not much variety with either of these, just artist and agency press releases, etc. Good places to find out the latest though. Then move over to one of the message boards to see some discussion about it.

If there are other places you think I should be looking at (there are others, but these are the ones I check almost daily), then let me know!