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Jim Hamill Passes

I hated to hear the very sad news that "Big" Jim Hamill has passed away at 5:30 this morning.

Jim was one of my favorite lead singers of all time, but will likely be remembered more for his showmanship than his singing. He is easily the greatest MC of the last 40 years. No one else is even close.

Jim Hamill's time with the Kingsmen saw them reach the pinnacle of their success and be one of the great draws in Southern Gospel. Would there have been a Kingsmen without Jim? Yes, but it would in no way resemble the Kingsmen that we remember.

God Bless Jim's family and friends.


News, and other nonsense

I guess I should jump on the bandwagon and give a little laugh out to this new endeavor. I don't really have much to add to what has already been said by better sayers than me. It just goes to show that no one can shoot the SG industry in the foot like the SG "fans" or whoever or whatever is behind this mess. I think we can start taking wagers on how long this site/concept will last. I'm guess six months.

Other sad news in the SG world today. Daniel Mount is passing the word that Mercy's Mark is going to disband. This is news that I really hate to hear, but doesn't surprise me. It takes more than talent to make in the SG world of today, and luck seems to be the main ingredient. Continued personnel turnover can get the best of any group and seems likely to be a large factor in this decision.

Also, since I last posted the Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet has disbanded and Dallas Rogers is reportedly leaving The Dixie Echoes. This is our world, welcome to it.