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More on bass singers

Not really "new" news, but Christian Davis is stepping in as the full-time bass singer for Mercy's Mark Quartet.

I am glad they decided to stay a quartet and that they found such a talented singer. I look for great things from this group.

Bill Lawrence

I really hated to hear that Bill is leaving Gold City. He really fit in well with them and was one of the best (and most under-appreciated) bass singers out there.

Hopefully GC will find a great replacement soon. (I'm sure Tim is doing ok as a fill-in! )


Singing News Forums

The Singing News has gotten back into the message board business.

It seems to be taking off pretty good based on the number of hits and replies the forums are receiving.

Let me know what you think!

More Anthony Burger

A couple of articles about the services for Anthony in Nashville and Cleveland, TN.

Good articles about a man who died too young. Still wishing the best for his family and friends.

Mercy's Mark Bass

It seems that Christian Davis will indeed be the permanent bass singer for MMQ. I think this is a good fit, Christian is a very good young bass singer. This group still has a lot of potential.

Good luck guys!