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Florida Boys, Goodbye?

If so, it is truly a sad day in Southern Gospel history. The Florida Boys is a name that is synonymous with Southern Gospel, especially during the Gospel Singing Jubilee days. As others have said, I don't really blame them as there is not likely to be another FB's resurrection with the age of Les, Glenn and Darrell along with the recent exits of Harold Reed and Gene McDonald.

Glenn was one of the all-time great baritone singers and I count it a priveledge to have gotten to listen to him for many, many years.

I wonder what this means for Josh Garner who I consider one of the current best lead singers on the road. I would hate for this to push him out of the business.

If this is true, then good luck to all the Florida Boys in whatever the future holds.

Read another take over at Avery's.

Update: It looks to be true per a quote from Les Beasley at Daniel Mount's Site...


More on Signature Sound and piano players

According to my buddy Daniel Mount, EH & SSQ will NOT be hiring a replacement piano player for Roy Webb.

The key line is apparently: “I like to build my future on the four faces of the singers like the Oak ridge boys and the GVB.”

Read more here.

Perhaps this explanation is accurate, but I'm not sure how "complete" it is. If everything was still working out great with Roy Webb, then would Ernie still just want to build his future on four faces? Curiouser and curiouser.


Danny Funderburk

Anyone who reads my blog knows that I am a huge Danny Funderburk fan. In my opinion, he is the best tenor to ever sing gospel music.

I know that people hold strong opinions about their favorite tenors, but I've never heard a classier, clearer, stronger, higher voice than Danny. He could sing a soft beautiful song like "Whosoever Will" and break your heart and then sing a powerful song like "I've Just Started Living" and blow you out the back of the auditorium

Danny is having some health problems and is scheduled for bypass surgery on Monday.

Paul Jackson has more information and a great story here.

God Bless you Danny, and get well soon!!


Roy Webb and Harold Reed

What do these two have in common you might ask. Well, besides being involved in SG music, they have also moved on from their previous employers.

Harold is now singing with The Kingsmen Quartet and has obviously left The Florida Boys. That is two big changes (Gene McDonald) for TFB's in the last few months. I'm sure Les will pull things back together, but that has to hurt. Gene was one of the best bass singers on the road. Harold sounded better with TFB's than he ever did with The Dixie Melody Boys. I'm interested to hear him with The Kingsmen. My first impression was that he would not be the "typical" Kingsmen tenor, but after further consideration, he might fit very well with them. Time will tell...

Now to Roy Webb. He recently took a temporary LOA to be with his ill father, but apparently that has turned permanent with very little explanation. When something this "odd" occurs with little or no explanation, the rumors are sure to follow. I've heard several, but will not repeat them here as they are unsubstantiated at this point.

The Roy Webb disappearance brings back the subject of the EH&SSQ fan love. I know and anyone who has been on their message board knows that Roy is THE VERY BEST PIANIST TO EVER GRACE A SOUTHERN GOSPEL STAGE (just as every member of the group is the very best at their respective positions), so what does this mean for the next EH&SSQ piano player? Will they move ahead of Roy as soon as they sign up? These are questions that need answering, and I can't wait to hear from the SSQ groupies on this.