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Rest In Peace, Tony Greene

Another young man taken too early.

More on Tony from here and here.


The Greatest Living Bass Singers

In today's SG world where Trios, soloists and mixed groups seem to dominate, the bass singer seems to be a dwindling commodity. In addition, high quality bass singers are even more rare.

Today, I wanted to look at some of the great bass singers who are still with us and give them some overdue credit.

My list of the the Greatest Living Bass Singers would be:

1. Tim Riley -- Tim is a Hall of Fame bass singer and is still doing it night in and night out. Not only is Tim a great bass singer of today, he is one of the greatest of all time.

2. Mike Holcomb -- This long-time Inspirations bass singer is capable of doing everything. Take a lead? Yep. Sing off the end of the piano? Yep. Mike is another living legend.

3. Gerald Williams -- Gerald is probably less well known than the previous two, but he has been a wonderful bass singer for over 55 years. The Melody Boys Quartet has had a long run with a great bass singer.

4. Ray Dean Reese -- Ray is another bass singer who has been practicing the trade for nearly a half-century. Ray may not please every listener, but his longevity and his trademark sound with The Kingsmen gives him a place on this list.

5. Ed O'Neal -- Another bass singer who has both loving fans and some detractors, Ed is a Southern Gospel Institution. He has been singing bass for over 50 years and most of that with his group, The Dixie Melody Boys. Ed has proven his ability many times, but his recording of "The Longer I Serve Him" on Greater Vision's Quartets CD, was a highlight of that recording.

So tell me who do you have? Who are the greatest living bass singers?