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12 Days of Christmas

Here are links to my posts last year entitled The Days of Christmas.

Days 2 thru 12

Day 1

A short read-thru shows:

1. didn't happen but still applies

2. same as above

3. Looks like it has remained true for them.

4. Well, they lost Bill Lawrence so they are still waiting for some consistency but maybe it is there now...

5. It seems like SN is moving in the right direction on some of my list.

6. I think the release of Good, Good God has shown a giant step in the right direction.

7. Still waiting on that mega-hit for Triumphant.

8. Not sure about this one, I've not heard as much controversy this past year though.

9. Definitely a long-term goal that will not be fixed in one or two years.

10. Well, Doug isn't writing for Singing News yet (to my knowledge). He does seem to be more active lately, except for a couple of bad spots earlier in the year.

11. NQC is still waiting for their gift. Hopefully attendance will pick up this year.

12. Same wishes as last year! Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

SN Fan Award Changes

According to a thread over at and various other blogs, the Singing News Fan Awards are in for a major overhaul this year.

They are basically doing away with most of the awards (including the "part" awards) and streamlining the guidelines on a few others.

My initial reaction is mixed... I hate to see the part awards go away. I think this is a very poor decision. This genre is unlike any other and the different types of voices that make up the groups is a big part of that identity. I mean really, how do you compare a tenor with a bass singer? It just doesn't make any kind of sense. This is an awful change.

They are also getting rid of the DJ awards, which is a good thing. Really! No one even cared (sorry DJ's, but it's true). The stations are so regional anyway that it makes very little sense to have DJ awards for people most people have never nor will ever even hear.

They are combining the various group awards into just one "favorite group" award. This one I'm not quite as upset about, but truly prefer it the way it was.

Another big problem with the new setup is the Horizon Individual and the Young Artist awards. Come on, these are now basically the same award eliminate repeat winners in the YA award. It makes MUCH LESS sense to keep both these awards around than it would to keep the part awards.

That's my perspective, what is yours?


Strange Days with the Anchormen

Chuck Peters has a blurb up about the crazy goings on with The Anchormen.

This is really a shame, but also a real head scratcher. Basically one bunch of guys all quit and form a new group, so the Anchormen management buys out a complete other quartet and calls them the Anchormen now? Strange is right...


Prayer for Susan

Please keep Susan Unthank in your prayers. She has been taken to the emergency room with chest pains.


NQC Radio Christmas

NQC Radio will begin broadcasting all Christmas Music Starting December 20th

According to an email from Clarke Beasley, beginning on Dec. 20 the NQC Radio broadcast will be Christmas music full-time. Might be a little later than I would start it, but it sounds like a good idea. Maybe it will help everyone get into the Christmas spirit.

Signature Sound Message Boards

What has happened to the Board over at EH & SSQ ? Anybody know?

Did it implode?? or maybe moving somewhere else? It does look like they would provide some information about it up front or on their news page...


Ishee Out ... Officially

Here is the story from Chuck Peters.