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Me Blog SG

Some people have been wondering why I chose this name for my blog.

I guess at a glance it seems sort of pre-school sounding! LOL.

However, I did put a little more thought into it than that...

When I look at it, I see a couple of different meanings and I will try to explain them for anyone interested.

First, the pre-school interpretation: It is an entirely valid interpretation because that is one reason I chose the name. Some children develop the habit of using the subject "me" instead of the correct "I". So with this in mind, the blog could be read as I Blog SG, where I is the subject, Blog is used as a verb (as in writing a blog is "to blog"), and SG is the direct object (what is being blogged). The reason I wanted the title to sound somewhat juvenile was so that no one would take me too seriously or think I was taking myself too seriously.

Another meaning to my blog title is just as silly I guess, but it is just how I think. I've always enjoyed the Scottish/*Dwarvish way of phrasing things. In this instance the use of "me" instead of "my". Also, the switching places of the adjective and noun so that the adjective is last. So, doing these two things you could read my blog title as: My SG Blog (or My Southern Gospel Blog).

I'm sure most don't care, but those are the thoughts that went thru my mind as I chose my Blog title. :D

*Dwarvish in the Tolkien/fantasy sense.


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