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In the News

It looks like Roger Bennett may be getting close to being released! This is truly great news! Our continued prayers are with Roger and his family.

The Crabb family has signed a management agreement with Creative Trust, Inc. I hope this is a good arrangement for the Crabbs. This group is probably best known for managing the contemporary artist, Stephen Curtis Chapman. It does make one wonder what effect this might have on the Crabbs music and the direction of their careers. I hope and pray only the best for them!

The wonderful Ann Downing has a new blog. Everyone should go by and say hi to Ann. I'm sure she will have some interesting things to share.

The Queen of Southern Gospel on the Internet, Susan Unthank, has started a new blog as well! So if you can't get enough of Susan (like me) through her many other endeavors, check out what she has to say in her blog. It will doubtless be informative and entertaining.


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