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Under-appreciated (Part 5)

Getting back to the ladies, here is my list of under-appreciated alto singers:

Libbi Perry. Libbi is one of the great female singers of our time, IMHO. She has great pathos and strength to her voice. The Perrys are a great group and they would not be nearly so great without Libbi singing alto.

Shaye Truax. This lady is singing alto for the legendary Chuck Wagon Gang. Her opera trained voice is a great addition to this terrific "new" group of Wagoneers.

Susan Jackson. Susan is doing a great job singing with her sister in Karen Peck and New River. Susan does not seem to get a lot of recognition (thus her entry here), but she is a terrific vocalist and complements New River's sound very well.

Debra Talley. One of the true talents in Southern Gospel. Debra is probably the best female vocalist in SG at this time. Debra's voice is completely recognizable, yet also so perfect. If you want a role model in Southern Gospel, you couldn't go wrong with Debra.

Connie Hopper. Connie is a legend in Southern Gospel music. Not only that, she is a very talented singer. Her alto is a huge part of the long-time success of The Hoppers. The song, That's Him, is just one example of the tremendous vocal talent of this great lady of Southern Gospel.

Personally, I thing the alto part is one of the most overlooked and under-appreciated. The soaring high soprano vocalists seem to get all the recognition, but the alto part is extremely important and has some of the great voices in SG.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for including Susan Jackson in your list.. I think she is often overlooked. She has a beautiful voice and it fits so well with Karen's voice. I appreciate all you said! Be blessed!

Sandra Barnes

12:51 AM  

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