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Under-appreciated (Part 1)

I am of the opinion that there are no SG artists that are "over-appreciated". These men and women get far too little recognition for the job they are doing in God's Kingdom. Compared to the attention-craving secular music world, none of our artists are "over-appreciated" and each of them deserve every bit of recognition they receive.

Now some artists do get more attention than others, that is natural. Today I would like to list some artists who I think are grossly under-appreciated. I will start with quartets and the lead singer:

Loren Harris. I know he's not in an all-male quartet, but he is without a doubt one of the finest lead singers in the business. Hopefully some of the well-deserved accolades that are coming the Perry's way will spill over to Loren as well.

Kerry Beatty. Kerry is everything a lead singer in a quartet should be. Again, with the great things happening with PSQ, hopefully Kerry will begin to get the recognition he deserves.

Dean Hopper. Another lead singer in a mixed quartet. Dean is multi-talented and adds more than just his vocal ability to the Hoppers, he doesn't seem to be recognized as the truly great vocal talent that he is. Definitely an under-appreciated lead singer.

Josh Garner. Les Beasley has always been one of my favorite SG personalities. He is a great quartet man and owner. It must have taken a lot of humility to recognize that he needed to step away from the lead singer position and hire someone else. When he chose Josh Garner, he chose an immensely talented vocalist. Josh is the perfect lead singer for this wonderful quartet. I expect even greater things for Josh in the future.

Randy Shelnut. Last but certainly not least. Randy is following in the footsteps of a true legend, his father Dale. Randy is more than up to the task, though. He is an extremely talented vocalist and a great all-around musician.

Please don't think I'm saying these are the only under-appreciated leads. I'm not. These are just a few that I notice and wanted to point out. Also, there are many leads who are extremely talented and are getting recognition within the SG industry (J. Wilburn, G. Wolfe, etc.).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post. I agree with everything you said. Especially about Loren Harris. In my opinion Loren is the best lead actively singing right now.

9:31 PM  

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