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First, I want to apologize for no postings yesterday. I was up nearly all night (and morning) following the election returns and then work yesterday was very hectic.

I was very disappointed to hear that Tony Peace will be leaving Palmetto State Quartet! That is a tough blow and he will be greatly missed. Hopefully he will pop up somewhere else in the future! Meanwhile PSQ will find someone great to replace him, I'm sure!

Please pray for Rick Strickland and his family as his father, Mr. Moody Strickland, passed away. See Singing News for details...

Also, please pray for Les Beasley as he undergoes heart surgery today. See Singing News link above for more details there as well.

Finally, a congratulations to President Bush on his re-election. We should all pray for him as well, so that God will give him guidance in these next 4 years to lead this country in the way He sees fit.


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