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Christianity and Politics

Well, since my ratings at SGBlogNews seem to be going thru the floor :D, and tomorrow is election day here in the U.S., I might as well tackle another controversial topic.

Should we mix Christianity and politics? I have read some posts at SoGospelNews that say we shouldn't. That, in fact, God doesn't care who wins the election. Obviously, I don't speak for God, but I do find it odd to think he would be just as happy no matter who wins. Let's take this to an extreme. What if a known satanic leader was on the Rep. or Dem. ticket? Would God not care then either?

My advice to all Americans (the ones who are registered, anyway), is to think about which candidate best reflects their values and their beliefs, and pray to God for guidance, and then go out and VOTE! It is a responsibility that you SHOULD NOT shirk. Men and women have fought and died for this right, so please do your part and participate in this election.

OK, let me have it!


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