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Heavy Metal, Halloween, and Southern Gospel Music

What do these things have in common?

Perhaps the comparison between Heavy Metal (the music genre, not lead or iron :) ) and Halloween is somewhat obvious. Heavy Metal and Halloween are seen by some as satanic and evil. Horror movies like Maximum Overdrive use Heavy Metal as a backdrop.

Whether we want to believe it or not there is at least one similarity between Heavy Metal and Southern Gospel. They are both forms of music, genres if you will. After that, the similarities fall off rather quickly, though.

Since today is Halloween I thought a discussion of the holiday and its religious impact was in order.

Halloween is without doubt a pagan holiday. It encourages the celebration of witches, demons, monsters, etc. So should a Christian have anything to do with this holiday? (I use the term holiday loosely) Should Christian parents allow their children to "trick or treat"? I hope you're not looking for a yes or no answer from me, because I am of two minds on the issue. I can see both sides.

I grew up celebrating Halloween and honestly never thought anything about it. I never considered becoming a devil worshipper or a wicken. I just assumed it was all make-believe and was just one night of escapism. We would dress up, go to friends and families homes, and get candy. Pretty simple stuff for a kid like me. The only evil I ever saw from the holiday was the upset stomach I got from eating too many sweets!

What do children of today think about the holiday? Do they see it the way I did when I was a child? I believe that has a lot to do with their parents and how it is presented to them. It also probably depends on the demeanor of the child. I certainly believe some children are more susceptible to the dark connotations around the holiday. In these cases it could be a great tragedy for a child to become wrapped up in the occult type of world.

So, I don't have any answers. Obviously everyone has to make up their minds based on their individual circumstances and the maturity and understanding of their children. Some of the recent activities that churches are sponsoring as an alternative are great ideas. This allows children the opportunity to participate in something Christ-centered and also to get the treats and fun of a holiday.

What are your thoughts?


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