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Under-appreciated (Part 3)

Today I want to write about the ladies. The soprano position:

Charlotte Ritchie. Charlotte is one of the very best female singers to come around in a long time. She can flat out sing. From the hitting the high notes to blending beautifully, she is simply awesome. Come on Jeff and Sheri, give Charlotte some more solos!

Janet Haas. Janet is the soprano for The Hayes Family. She is also the piano player. Janet has a tremendous voice and is an all-around talented lady!

Connie Fortner. This soprano for the McKameys is a super vocalist who does not get near the recognition she deserves. She is sometimes in the shadow of Peg and so doesn't stand out as much as she should. Her voice is the real strength of this group.

Amber Thompson. This young lady can't miss. Both her parents are very talented and she might be the best of the three. Amber is going to end up being one the all-time greats in SG, if she decides to continue with her singing career.

Trecia Cisneros. Trecia is the soprano for The Lesters. She too is an up-and-coming singer in the SG business. Although she is super already, I don't think she has even touched the tip of her awesome talent. Trecia is probably under-appreciated mostly because she sings in an under-appreciated group. The Lesters and Trecia are more than worth the price of admission! Go see them if they are near you.

That is it for the sopranos. I know I've left many off; I made a short list. These are some of the ones I see as deserving more attention than they currently get.


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