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Under-appreciated (Part 4)

First, I want to apologize for the several day absence from writing. I have been extremely busy at work and then the Holidays were hectic as well. Hopefully things will start coming more regularly now...

Today's list I've come up with five under-appreciated tenor singers. These may or may not be the best in the business, but they are overlooked in my opinion.

David Sutton. David is doing a great job singing tenor for Integrity (Triumphant, won't go there again). He was with The Kingdom Heirs for several years before that. David can sing just about anything and it sounds great. He is good at fast songs and slow songs. His talent only seems to be matched by his heart.

Robbie Hiner. Robbie is a very talented vocalist. His tenure with The Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet gets him in front of a lot of fans, but perhaps not the typical SG fan as much. Robbie is not only a good tenor, but just a plain good singer.

Harold Reed. Harold has been a GREAT addition to The Florida Boys. I will be the first to admit that I was not a huge fan of his with The Dixie Melody Boys. I also cannot honestly tell you why. But now that he is with TFB, he fits them to a T! He sounds as good as any tenor traveling right now and that is no exaggeration.

Steve Ladd. Steve is now with The Gold City Quartet, so perhaps his much-deserved recognition is on its way. Steve has been a very good SG tenor for several years with The Anchormen. I think GC did a great job in choosing Steve, they will not miss a step.

Eric Phillips. Eric is singing tenor with The Mark Trammell Trio. Before that, he spent some time with The Melody Masters Quartet. Eric is following in his father's footsteps (Ernie sang tenor with The "Mighty" Kingsmen Quartet for a time) as an extremely talented SG tenor. Eric is as natural a tenor as I think I've ever heard. I know he is very young, but his future in SG is VERY bright!

That's my list, do you have some you would add? Let's hear it.


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