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I know I'm a little behind on commenting about these, but here goes anyway:

The Melody Boys hired a new tenor, Gary Bullock. Congratulations to Gary and good luck to him and The Melody Boys. I can't wait to hear them with him!

The Dixie Melody Boys (there sure are a lot of Melodies and Dixies in our industry, huh?) have replaced Devin McGlamery with Andrew King. Andrew is another newcomer to the world of full-time Southern Gospel. As good as Mr. Ed O'Neal is at finding extremely talented young singers, I'm certain that Andrew will be great. I'm also looking forward to hearing the DMB with their new line-up.

The Kingdom Heirs have filled their tenor position with Billy Hodges. Billy has previously sang with The Florida Boys and The Dixie Echoes (there goes those Dixies again). This announcement seems to have generated the most controversy of all these recent changes. Everyone seems to have something to say about it. My opinion is give Billy a chance. I thought he did a great job with The Dixie Echoes and I definitely believe Steve French knows what he's doing (he's got a great track record, huh?). So give both the TKH and Billy some time and I think this will be a great move for both. This is another combination I can't wait to get the chance to hear!

Congratulations to Kim and Dean Hopper on the birth of Lexus Jazz! She was a few weeks premature but word is she is doing fine.

Finally and very importantly, let's send a word of prayer out for Janet Paschal and her family. She has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. I know God will be with her during this time.

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