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Song Selection Is The Difference

Yes, I truly believe it is.

It is the difference between a good CD and a great CD.
It is the difference between a good concert and a great concert.
It is the difference between a good group and a great group.

It can also be the difference between an average (any one of the above) and a good one. There are several examples in SG right now where a group is at best average in talent, but have such dynamic, crowd pleasing, lyrically strong songs that they are a good group.

I was listening to the Perrys "This Is The Day" CD this morning and it hit me. The Perrys are a very good group (perhaps even great), but the song selection on this CD is excellent and thus they are pushed into the area of being the very best "mixed group" on the road today.

Song selection is the key.

Signature Sound Quartet's debut CD (Stand By Me) was full of very good songs. SSQ is a very good quartet. In fact, I think they are perhaps the best in SG today (well, Gold City might be a tie). SSQ's second studio CD (Great Love), IMHO, is not a "good" as their first. What is the reason? Song selection. They sound (no pun intended) as good, in fact they sound great. However, the songs just don't strike (me anyway) as great songs. There are a few really good ones there, but overall not as many as on "Stand By Me".

Another example is The Kingdom Heirs. They are a really good quartet. However, the CD "Going On With The Song" is full of extremely well written, superbly performed songs. This makes it what I consider one of the great CD's of the century (I know the century is only a few years old, but it sounded good! ). I've always liked TKH and CD's like this one make me like them even more. Their new CD (Forever Changed) is very good too. I really, really like it. However, not as well as "Going On With The Song". Why not? Simple, song selection. The vocals are just as good. The production is just as good, but the song selection on "Going On..." is just a little better (again IMHO).

So there it is. Song Selection Is THE Difference.

Finally, sorry about the long delay between posts. Now that the Holidays are thru, I will become a "regular" again!


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