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The Days of Christmas, vol. 11

Only two gifts left this year...

National Quartet Convention (NQC).

The NQC is my favorite "Southern Gospel" time of the year, and one of my favorite times period.

What does the NQC need for Christmas?

Well, according to the latest 2006 schedule, an appearance (or more) by Ernie Haase and Signature Sound might be nice. Of course, that is probably not the most important need they have.

An appearance by the Gaither Vocal Band would be a good thing as well, but that is obviously not going to happen (this year anyway).

I think a change to Quartet Night on Thursday instead of the Fan Awards would help draw people there for the long weekend.

They already have a great location, so no suggestions there...

The variety of groups is usually very good too. I know there are always groups left off, but overall there is good diversity on the main stage.

So, what to give NQC this year???

I think a jump in attendance levels would be their biggest need. Especially early in the week. Even the weekend numbers seem to be down over the last several years though. I think having the "big draw" groups like EH&SSQ and GVB would help in this area. I also think moves like the suggestion above about the Quartet Night on Thursday would help draw more numbers for the long weekend. Whatever it takes, that would be my gift, a big jump in attendance.


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