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The Days of Christmas, vol. 10

A Very Fine Line (AVFL) or Avery Fineline.

I know his real identity is now known, but most people still know him under this pseudonym, so I will use it.

It seems to me that AVFL has made quite an impact on SG this year. His recent slowdown notwithstanding, he is probably the most prolific of the "SG bloggers", especially the non-artist bloggers.

So, what could ol' Avery use for Christmas? Depending on who you, my reader, is, that question could have many different answers:

(1) Some might say he needed more free time so that he could post more. Others might say just the opposite...

(2) Some might say he should be given more compassion, so that he would be a little less cynical and critical. Again, others might prefer him to be even more so.

(3) Some might say he should be given more industry cooperation, so that he has to rely less on speculation.

(4) Some might like to see a reconciliation between AVFL and the Unthanks. Others seem to enjoy the controversy and bitterness.

So, what is my gift to Avery?

Since I don't expect him to change his style anytime soon, #4 above seems unlikely. Since his caustic style is so much a part of his program, I don't think #2 is likely either.

How about a combination and compromise on all of these? I believe Avery is a very fine writer. He does seem to have a loyal following. If he could be a little less of the firebrand, I could see him becoming even more influential in SG. I don't know if there is enough money anywhere in SG for him to quit his job and be a full-time writer/investigator, but that would be ideal. Maybe the new Singing News management would recognize a good thing and try to work something out? That would be my gift.


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