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The Days of Christmas, vol. 9

Southern Gospel Radio.

I realize this is not just one entity. The range goes from very good stations to some that are nearly impossible to listen to. Each radio station has its own unique needs and strengths.

That being said, SG Radio as a whole needs a makeover. So that would be my gift to them this year. A complete and utter restructuring, rethinking, stripped to the bone redo. If you are in radio, especially programming managers, this is for you.
(1) Play top 40 Southern Gospel songs! (60-75% of programming)
(2) Play current songs, not songs that were somewhat popular 8-10 years ago. One such song an hour is more than enough (8-10 year old songs that is).
(3) Play classic songs by classic groups. This is not an excuse to ignore #2 above. When I say classics, I mean great songs by The Cathedrals, The Statesmen, The Blackwoods, The Speers, The Downings, The Kingsmen, etc. Two songs like this an hour would be good.
(4) Play very new music by very popular groups. (Gold City, Greater Vision, KP & New River, Hoppers, Kingdom Heirs, etc, etc). A couple of songs like this an hour would be good.
(5) Know the names of the groups you are playing and how to pronounce them. One way to ensure this is to hire competent, true SG fans. Not a college kid who only listens to CCM. Have DJ's throw in interesting (but quick) facts about some of the groups that are playing.
(6) Limit (or eliminate) the preaching programs. Most of them are not good (especially the local guys) and turn listeners away.

So, that is my gift to SG Radio... a complete makeover from the ground up.


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