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The Days of Christmas, vol. 8

I can see from the huge number of comments that everyone cannot wait for the next gift!

I will keep on anyway...

Today's gift goes to The Unthanks. What does this widely diversified family need? They have a hugely popular website (and message board). They have an up and coming marketing/publicity agency. They have a Southern Gospel mixed group. They have a good internet radio station. They do web design, they write songs, and much more.

So what do they need for Christmas? How about a little (or a lot) less criticism? It seems there is a vocal group of "fans" out there who are either jealous or perhaps just plain mean, who like to be overly critical and many times hurtful to the Unthanks.

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't always agree with them either. I'm also sure they don't always agree with me. Just because we have disagreements does NOT mean we have to act like children and call names and make verbal (or written) jabs at each other every chance we get.

So that is my gift to the Unthank family this year. Hopefully they will receive less criticism and more respect and appreciation for what they do for our industry.


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