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The Days of Christmas, vol. 3

Signature Sound Quartet.

Well, I can think of several things that would be easy to come up with for these guys (hair gel, dance classes, one on one basketball training :D, etc.), but I think the one thing I'd like to give is group member stability.

Many times a hot new group comes along and then the apple cart turnover begins. I know they went through one round of this already, but they seemed to handle that openly and honestly and got it over with quickly and cleanly. The group as it stands now is very good.

Things they have going in their favor:

-They seem to get along very well and that should be a positive for stability.
-Their continued relationship with Gaither should also allow them to have time off and still enjoy a good income.
-They are very popular and successful.

Change seems to be the name of the game in SG music, but if SSQ can keep theirs to a minimum and continue the success they've started, I could see them being the Cathedral Quartet of this generation.

I probably won't add any new gifts over the weekend, so be looking for more next week!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Cathedrals of this generation? No way, they have too many gimmicks. If they would quit the dancing junk and just sing, maybe. Their success will fade quickly. Remember what brought the success to the Cats - they could flat out sing and that was what brought people back time and time again, not stupid hair cuts and dancing.

2:41 PM  
Blogger Southern Gospel Perspective said...

These guys can really sing too! I think they will go through a maturation process as a group (as all must do), but in the end they certainly have the ability. That doesn't mean they will live up to it (I'm not a fortune teller!), but they have the potential.

12:05 PM  

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