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The Days of Christmas, vol. 2

Bill Gaither.

Most people would question whether Bill needed anything with the immensely popular Homecoming Tours, the very impressive Vocal Band, and his hugely successful media ventures, but I have some things to stuff in his stockings anyway.

The first thing I would offer would be a better relationship with the "powers that be" within the traditional SG world. I guess you have to first surmise the current relationship is not warm, but that does not take a huge leap of imagination. If both sides were getting along, it is hard to believe that the GVB would not have been on the NQC main stage for the last two years. You can claim previous engagements all you want, but who is buying that?? These NQC's are set far enough in advance that should not be a problem. In addition the GVB being left off the Singing News chart and the SN fan award ballots is as blatant a disagreement as if they took out an add in the Wall Street Journal.

It's hard to argue with success, but to me the Homecoming phenomenon was better back in the beginning. He had many more "cosy atmosphere" events with everyone sitting around a piano and singing. Today's lineups seem like a pale comparison to some of the powerhouse gatherings of before. So, my other gift to Bill would be a move back to a more traditional SG program. Drop so many of these soloists that add very little to the program and bring on more of the mainstream SG groups. You can still have a balance, but the weight has shifted way to the CCM side if you ask me. So Bill, my other gift would be regular appearances by Gold City, The Perrys, Greater Vision, Mercy's Mark, The Kingdom Heirs, Reggie Sadler's Family, The Florida Boys, Karen Peck and NR, The Talleys, Palmetto State and a host of other traditional SG groups.

I doubt Bill reads this, so somebody drop him a line! Just kidding!


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