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It's Been a While

Sorry about that! I've not been nearly as regular as I want (or hope) to be.

It's good to see Bryan Hutson singing in a quartet again. I've been a big fan of his since the first time I saw him. I hope this is a great arrangement for both parties.

The news that Signature Sound Quartet has a top 100 CD in the Billboard charts is really good news! I guess that is tempered somewhat by the (not baffling, but ...) news that Bill Gaither's solo CD is at #119. I love the GVB and Bill is one of the all time great songwriters and Gospel men, but a soloist? I'm not sold (figuratively or literally) on that.

Joseph Smith is leaving Mark Trammell Trio. I guess I'm a little surprised at this (and disappointed). Joseph was a good addition to the group. I think I'm like a LOT of other people when it comes to MTT, I'm still waiting for that CD/song that just blows me away. I think the potential has always been there, I'm just still waiting.

The McKameys have another #1 song (I Am Home) in the Singing News. It just goes to show you what wonderful song selection can do for you (and heartfelt singing?).

I missed NQC :(( so I also missed my usual opportunity for purchasing mass amounts of new music. Somebody tell me what I should be looking for. Triumphant, Gold City, and Greater Vision are definitely in my future!

I'll try to do better! TRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Blogger ChrisUnthank said...

Since your a pretty traditional fan - I can recommend to you the latest albums from Dove Brothers Quartet, Booth Brothers, Paid In Full, and Ernie Haase & Signature Sound Quartet. All are excllent.

10:39 PM  
Blogger Southern Gospel Perspective said...

Chris, thanks for the recommendations! I already have The Blind Man ... and really like it a lot.

I felt a little disappointment with the last EH&SSQ CD (to me it wasn't up to the quality of their debut release), do you highly recommend it?

Dove Brothers are one of my favorites to hear in concert, but a lot of their releases seem to be rehashes. From what I've read from you and others, this one might be "fresh" -er, if you know what I mean.

I've never heard anything by PIF except for their radio releases (which I enjoy :D ).

9:48 AM  

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