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What's Happening?

Around the web in SG...

Tim Greene is still having some very difficult health issues, everyone please pray for him and his family. Tim has been through so much for so long, God Bless you Tim.

Triumphant Quartet (formerly Integrity Quartet) has announced their new website, fortunately today it is back in business! The discussion at Avery about the VERY obvious avoidance of the fact that several (TQ) members are former members of The Kingdom Heirs is very interesting. The whole scenario seems a bit absurd to me. As Avery says, it is a FACT that they were members of TKH, so why not just say so?

As you can see over at SouthernGospelNews, Mike LeFevre has reformed his group One Voice. Mike is a good singer and one of my favorites from the early (-ish) Gold City days. Good luck to One Voice.

The Singing News chart debacle... See Avery for more information, but apparently some radio stations are not reporting their airplay accurately. This basically undermines their entire charting system if they can't rely on radio stations to honestly report. Otherwise you run into the manipulation situation that seems to have occurred. It seems to me that there has to be a better way to chart songs. I know SouthernGospelNews has a weekly chart that is partially based on fan voting. This is certainly more current, but still not very "scientific".


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