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Interesting Threads from the "Message Board-dom"

Here John Crenshaw has a great old picture of the Speer Family with some interesting trivia:

Tony Rush makes some good points over at
My opinion pretty much mirrors what I think his is, there are very, very few "regional" groups who will sound as good as the average "professional" group.

Now I've heard and I'm sure most of you have heard a "promoter" say that this or that local group is as good as (fill in the blank with professional group). Unfortunately, he must not be listening to the same groups I am...

Not to say there aren't good "regional" groups out there, just that for the most part (in fact, I've never heard one), they don't stack up to the pros.

I know, it has nothing to do with SG, but this thread over at SSQ message board is funny to me a basketball nut...

David Murray tells it like it is over at AMGS! SG radio is one of the major problem areas in our industry, see my thoughts on it here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can think of at least 15 of those so called "regional or part time groups" that on any given weekend can sing the socks off of all but 8 to 10 of the so called "pro's". Make sure you read that very closely. Included in the "pro's" section I would place The Gaither Vocal Band, Gold City, Signature Sound, The Dove Brothers, The Booth Brothers and maybe - just maybe (but dont count on it) a couple of other groups as well. From personal experience I can tell you that there are many of the so called "Pro Groups" that will NOT allow many of the regional groups to open for them any more because they (the pro's) do not like having to follow a superior act.
Be very careful to not confuse emotional desire for a group to sound good with the actual ability. I know of at least 15 regional type groups that make 3 to 5 appearances on an average weekend making their singing schedule at least as heavy as many of the "pro's" yet come Monday AM they are back to work for a full 40 hr week. Having been a member of 2 different regional groups that at least 4 different "pro" group's rider's states will not open for them. While all 4 of the groups are/were represented by the same co at the time it still became less than funny when one of the pro groups was booked into an area that does not get that much SG music and because of the rider the promoter was not able to book in the regional groups that were needed to draw the local fans. In areas where there is no local SG Radio the only way a pro group can create a name if is the promoter is willing to spend a ton of $$ on advertising OR bring in a known name which in many parts of the county is the local/regional group. The promoter lost his shirt on that single concert, the regional group had 3 to 4 X the number of people in attendance about 3 miles away with the final results being 1. The local promoter no longer brings in the so called "pro" talent. 2. The pro group has never been back to the area. 3. The regional group has appeared on a Gaither Homecoming Concert at least a couple of times while the "pro" group" has never had that opportunity. 4. The pro group still believes and acts as if the world owes them something and that we are supposed to tell our ears to forget the fact that they are not that good because of an emotional tie or two from the past.

IMHO there are only about 10 REAL pro groups out there and the rest are all variations of part time with most of them being no better than the next.

If you can't tell, I do and did take offense to your comments and those of a few others but because I still sing with a regional group and we still do the NCQ thing and have songs released to radio and do new projects etc. I will not expose my identity for probably the same reason you wont expose yours.

Just remember, wanting someone to be good does not make them good - it just means you or the audience has an emotional tie and reason to distort what you ears are trying to tell you but have failed.

Have a great day.

5:49 PM  
Blogger Southern Gospel Perspective said...

Well, if they are out there, then I've never heard them. I hear you and others say the same thing and I honestly go with an open mind to these concerts. However, it is just not the case that the average "regional" group is as good as the average pro group. That is of course only my opinion and everyone is welcome to their individual tastes.

5:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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