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What is going on here?

First with me: I've been having a few (minor it turns out for the good) health issues. Since they seem to have turned out to be minor, they are a poor excuse for my recent lapse of blogging, but it's all I got. Of course, it's easy to let life get in the way of living...


The big news in the SG turnover department for the year has to be the resignation of David Phelps from GVB. I have to say I am more surprised that he's stayed this long than I am about his going solo. He is a great talent and I'm sure he will be missed. The manner in which it was handled leads one to wonder about his potential for future appearances with the Homecoming crew. As opposed to Mark Lowry who left on seemingly better terms and is still basically a Homecoming fixture. It's been so long since I've blogged that Gaither has already had time to find and announce the next Phelps... Wes Hampton. I don't know Wes, but from all indications the GVB will not miss a step. I can't wait to hear the new lineup.

The Crabb Family seems to be under a great deal of scrutiny, see here, here and here. I guess enough has already been said about this, short of an explanatory statement from the Crabbs themselves. It does seem to someone on the outside of the situation (me) that they could go a long way toward defusing the issue by making a more open statement. Especially post Crabbfest with no Gerald on stage. By not further explaining the issue, they are not making it go away. On the contrary, the masses will always be able to guess (make up) explanations that are usually accurate (or if not accurate, then worse than the truth), and these pseudo-explanations are then passed around as truth. Here is hoping it all works out for the good and Gerald is back in the Crabb-fold soon. I know I'm praying for them and I hope you will too.

Jerry Kelso has joined The Dove Brothers. Man are they building a powerhouse group or what? I can't wait (to steal a phrase from JD) to hear them again.

Brad Hudson is replacing Tim Greene with The Greenes. This appears to be a full-time, permanent type position, so it is sad that Tim's health has required him to basically retire. I hope Tim continues to improve and I'm sure Brad will do a great job with The Greenes.

That's it for today...


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