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Back in the Swing

Well, here I am. After the passing of George, I felt the need to leave my simple but heartfelt tribute to him up for several days. There is/was nothing that I could write that would add anything to what everyone else has said. George will indeed be missed here, but if Heaven could get any better, George will be the one to do it. Well Glory!

Some recent happenings:

The SGN Music Awards were handed out the other day. Congratulations to all the winners. Some of my favorites from the list were: Gold City with Male Group, Producers (Danny and Doug), and traditional SG album (is it still an album?) ... Booth Brothers with best live performer (they are exciting to see) ... Perrys with best traditional SG song (I Wish I Coulda Been There). One I don't understand is the tie between Mercy's Mark and Christlike. Probably just because I lead a sheltered existence?

The Singing News Fan Awards discussion here and here is interesting. Probably very few surprises in this list. The one thing I continue to ponder is the absence of Gaither and the GVB from these awards. It would be interesting to KNOW the reason for this. I find it highly doubtful that they don't get enough nominations, but I guess anything is possible. The more likely scenario is they are deemed ineligible for one reason or another. But again, it would be nice to KNOW.

As far as some of my choices, you can see a list here.

Kirk Talley. The buzz, furor, and frenzy has died down somewhat (thankfully). It seems to me that if I were Kirk (I'm not) and I had been through all that Kirk has been through the last several months and years, I would want to not make ANY waves, especially on a website that is open to the general public. Whether it is fair or not (probably not), people are going to make the worst of anything slightly controversial. While I don't believe that Kirk is a racist, I do think he would have to be very naive not to recognize how the sign(with the KKK highlighted) would be perceived and the feelings that it would generate. As Harold Timmons and others note, just remove the picture and don't try to continue and agitate the situation with another "cute" caption.

That's all for now. Let me know your opinion!


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