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Where are the bloggers?

Much has been made recently of the disappearance of many of the SG bloggers, not to mention the lack of new posts by the ones who are still around (I'm one of the worst in this category, I know).

Recent disappearances include Crabb Family, Mercy's Mark, Off the Shelf, The Scene; as well as not so recent departures like McCray Dove. Then there are the ones (like myself) who have all but disappeared. SGblahger hasn't posted anything since January, sgmblog has two posts in the past month, I can't find anything recent by miscellaineous (sp?), and some others... Even the normally verbose Averyfineline hasn't posted anything new in five days and this lapse (although not a lapse when compared to some others, me included) is not unusual in the recent past. Now it seems like John Lanier (Face the Music) has decided to call it quits also (say it ain't so, John! )

So, what to make of all this? Well, first of all, I think it is quite obvious that outside of personal opinions/favorites there is very little to write about on a day to day basis about SG. It just doesn't move that fast. The things that could be written about, for the most part, might be construed as negative. While I have nothing against good honest reporting, quick blogs are not usually the best place for this since they are generally one-sided and don't allow for much discussion.

Another problem with blogging about SG is that the "news" is mostly kept as secret as possible (for good reason in some cases). This goes back to negativity and how it comes across in a blog. For example, the apparent break-up in the Crabb organization has been discussed very little (compared to the large SG news item that it is) except by Avery. Are topics like this appropriate for SG bloggers? I guess that is open for debate, but without these items there is very little else to discuss. Who signed with what label or who released what song just is not very interesting to read or write about.

Leave me some comments and we can discuss this further.

Until then, I will continue my effort to write about what I find interesting or newsworthy.


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