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The Days of Christmas, vol. 7

Triumphant Quartet.

Can anyone argue that they don't have the best line-up of talent in a quartet today?

I mean Clayton "Superman" Inman is one of the all-time great lead singers, his son Scott is a fantastic baritone already and blends beautifully with his father. Jeff Stice is destined to be a legendary piano player, having been on the ground floor of Perfect Heart as well as playing for The Kingdom Heirs and The Nelons. David Sutton is a perennial SN fan award nominee and an excellent tenor. What can you say about Eric Bennett? His bass voice is as big and clear as any in the business. His version of "He Loves Me" on the Greater Vision Quartets recordings are the highlights on those incredible recordings where every song is great.

So what does Triumphant Quartet need for Christmas? They really need that breakout song. You know the one I mean... Like "Somebody Touched The Lord" for Perfect Heart, or "Step Into The Water" for The Cathedrals, or "Midnight Cry" for Gold City. A song that almost everyone who hears it on the radio says, WOW! so that's how good they can sound.

That would be my gift to Triumphant Quartet, if I had the power, a super-hit. I think the guys could take it to new levels from there!


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