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Looking Back at ... Perfect Heart

There is an interesting thread going over at SouthernGospelNews (in the SG Trails section, so you may have missed it) about the former SG group, Perfect Heart.

This group was initially made up of Danny Funderburk at tenor, Dale Shipley at lead, Mark Lanier at baritone, Mike Presnell at bass, and Jeff Stice on piano. They truly were an "all-star" quartet.

I believe at the time, they were the only group whose first single release went to number one on the Singing News chart. This song ("Somebody Touched the Lord"), also went on to win Song of the Year in the SN fan awards (another first, I believe).

They had many great songs like the one above, "They That Sow", "He's Coming", "I Hold a Clear Title" (remake), "Yes Is the Answer", "I Wish It Would Rain" (didn't care for), "The Ground Is Level", "In My Wildest Dreams", and many more.

If you've read any of my past blog entries, you know Danny is my all-time favorite tenor, so it's not surprising I was a Perfect Heart fan from day one. Of course, one man cannot make a quartet and the other three voices in this group were so good (and Jeff Stice is a future HoF pianist) it is difficult to believe they came together like that. It is almost like having a Masters V, when the V were in their prime. They were that good.

Anyway, go over and read what others have said and comment (here and there).


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