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This, That, Changes, and NQC

Some of the comments I've received about my "fan"atics post have been interesting. Look here and please let me hear some more. I'm very interested in what you have to say, and I will try to respond as well.

There is a small amount (so far) of discussion related here at AMGS too.

Recent changes that are stirring the pot in SG are:

John Rulapaugh leaving Palmetto State shortly after Burman Porter joins them from the "Blackwood Gospel Quartet". John is joining the "Blackwood Quartet", not to be confused with the group Burman just left. (Are you confused yet?). John has written a very honest and forthcoming letter here. You should read it for yourself. Good luck to John, Burman, BGQ, PSQ, and BQ. Hopefully all will work to the best for all.

Loren Harris leaving The Perrys. Man, I really hate this one. I have mentioned several times on my blog how impressed I am with Loren. He's a real talent and The Perrys are sure to miss him. His fill-in should be able to handle it though, Shane Dunlap is stepping in for the interem. Hopefully, The Perrys can talk him into staying for a while... He is one of the great lead singers of today. Signature Sound, just doesn't "sound" the same without him.

Probably just coincidence, but these changes seem to occur a lot around NQC time. NQC is about a month away. I missed last year, but will be there for Fri and Sat nights this year. Can't wait. There will probably be more changes as we get closer and then following, so look here for more opinion.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard that Joseph Habedank had stepped up to lead and Nick Trammell was filling the baritone part for the Perrys.

12:12 AM  

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