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The Dixie Echoes

Today I want to write about a group that has been around for many years. The Dixie Echoes are a tremendous group with a wonderful traditional sound.

Randy Shelnut, Sr. is a fine lead singer with a long history with TDE. He is doing an exceptional job of carrying on the legacy of his father, Dale. Dale Shelnut was one of the most talented singers to ever stand on a SG stage. He was not only a great vocalist, but he had a style all his own that set him apart from all other singers. Too many of today's singers try to sound like this or that one, but Dale stood apart and had his own unique style.

Randy Shelnut, Jr. is, of course, Randy Sr's son and Dale's grandson. He sings baritone and plays the bass guitar. I feel certain that he will also continue that Dixie Echoes tradition far into the future.

Tracy Crouch is the bass singer for the group, taking over for Billy Todd in 2004. He is a definite up and coming talent at his position. A fine interview with him is held here, by Daniel Mount.

Dallas Rogers is the relatively new tenor for The Dixie Echoes. I was very impressed with him at this years NQC. I hope he stays with the guys for a long while.

Stewart Varnado is the pianist for the group. Stewart is still young, but is also a real Southern Gospel veteran. He is rightfully recognized as one of the best SG pianists on the road today.

If you get a chance to hear the Dixie Echoes, be sure to do so!


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